Our Services

The Mobile Juice Factory can be utilized as a closed-circuit system to turn produce into shelf-stable juice. However, if you are looking for something a bit different, perhaps you are looking for only milling, pasteurizing or custom packaging services, the Mobile Juice Factory can accommodate! Additionally, the onboard bagging machine can package wine with its Nitrogen displacement system. Our mobile production plant can be used as a complete system OR as its parts.



Our portable mill can process an average of 3200 pounds of apples per hour. The pomace can then be pumped into your food grade totes or your choice of vessels.


If you have a fluid food product that requires pasteurizing, our pasteurizer can be set to various temperatures to ensure quality and safety. Our machine can get the job done in a highly efficient and reliable manner.


Whether it’s our bags or your custom ordered bags, this machine can fill and cap bag-in-box style bags in a variety of dimensions and volumes. An excellent option for wineries as well! Our bagging machine can be hooked up to a Nitrogen supply to lay over the wine inside the bags.

Unpasteurized Juice

We can crush and press produce into juice without pasteurizing. The juice can then be pumped into your holding tanks. An excellent option for cider producers! *

*For the milling process, we require a signed waiver. We do not provide bagging services for any unpasteurized products.

Get juicing!

Mobile Juice Factory offers quick and easy onsite services. We can work with you to turn your unmarketable produce into an attractive, added-value, personalized product for your customers. Save yourself the headache and hefty disposal costs, and contact us today for further information or to book a visit from the Mobile Juice Factory.