Your fruit, your juice.

The Mobile Juice Factory travels right to your orchard to press your fruit into delicious juice. This avoids the fruit going through an additional transportation phase. In less than an hour, the Mobile Juice Factory can turn 1,760 pounds of apples into 500 litres of fresh, flavourful juice ready for thirsty consumer’s mouths.


Stop wasting your fruit!

The sad reality is that tons of viable fruit ends up in landfills every year. Fruit marketing boards have strict guidelines when selecting fresh fruit for market; fruit can’t be too small or too large, must be just the right colour, picked in their prime, and have no skin blemishes.

The result is tons of fruit that can’t go to the fresh fruit market. What if all those bins of blemished, off-colour or tiny fruit didn’t have to be thrown out every October?


Do you have perfectly viable produce that doesn’t meet the ‘marketable grade’? Too small or too big? Strange shape? Esthetic blemishes? Turn it into juice!

Backyard Growers

Are you one of those families who has a few trees in your backyard and more apples than you can ever eat? Come to one of our juicing events!


Are you looking for a unique and fun fundraising idea? Pressing and selling orchard-pressed juice is not only innovative, but incredibly popular.


On-site Juice Pressing

Mobile Juice Factory offers quick and easy onsite services. We can work with you to turn your unmarketable produce into an attractive, added-value, personalized product for your customers. Save yourself the headache and hefty disposal costs, and contact us today for further information or to book a visit from the Mobile Juice Factory.

Juicing Events

Juicing is a wonderful option for you to enjoy your efforts year round with flavourful, natural juice! Bring your fruit to be pressed at one of our juicing events in your area. Events will be promoted so you may even be able to sell some of your juice to interested, thirsty spectators.



As with all fundraising, Mobile Juice Factory fundraising takes a little work and organization, but the results are unique and fun!

Get in touch to discuss a variety of fundraising options available to support your cause.

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