Checklist for Private Event Fruit Growers

Before event:

  • Book your juicing event well in advance with the Mobile Juice Factory.
  • Inform MJF contact in advance of the approximate juicing volume so the correct number of boxes and bags are available; advise in advance if you plan to use 5L, 3L or 10L bags and boxes.
  • Establish a contact person for the event. Provide a cell number to the MJF.
  • Plan your juicing; make sure your logistics are in place.
    • where the Mobile Juice Factory will park
    • access to certified potable water (hose connection)
    • determine how many extra bins are required and are on site (at least 2 for mash, bins or pallets for boxed juice depends on volume; 1 bin/pallet will hold 41 5L boxes)
    • schedule and inform staff (who will delivering the fruit for juicing, who will be loading fruit into hopper, removing the residual mash bins, rotating the empty/full bins for storing boxed juice, assist with cleanup)
    • print any required labeling (include UPC code, juicing date); or other arrangements for same
  • Determine the mix of fruit you desire and have your fruit ready to go.
  • Make sure any equipment you need (extra bins, forklift, shovels) are available.

Set Up:

  • Have a knowledgeable person on hand to greet the MJF and direct them as required
  • Show the MJF staff where to find the nearest potable water hose hookup
  • While the MJF is being set up, attach your labels to the juicing boxes (if required).
  • Have your clean fruit standing by, ready to go. This allows for an early juicing test to confirm equipment calibration, quality standards and allows time for any trouble shooting required.
  • Put the empty residual mash bin, boxed juice bin and a box for spoiled apples in place.
  • Be ready to go, up and running, at the scheduled time.

During the pressing:

  • Be certain that your fruit is available for juicing at all times to ensure efficient processing. This is the number one reason that the juicing is interrupted.
  • Your staff must load your fruit into the hopper, removing any rotting fruit. This is a quality control measure. They remove spoiled fruit and control the mix.
  • Your staff must remove the residual mash bin when full and replace with an empty bin.
  • Your staff must remove the bin with juice boxes when full and replace with an empty bin.
  • It is highly recommended that all boxes be left open, at least overnight, to allow the heat to dissipate naturally.

Upon Completion of Juicing:

  • It takes approximately 2 hours for the machine to be cleaned by our staff.
  • Your staff may be requested to assist in removing the residual mash from cleanup.
  • Verify with the MJF staff as to the number of juice boxes produced.
  • A log is kept of your juicing experience. Please inform the press operator of any concerns in order that they are documented and they can be resolved for future appointments.

*Water will be drained on to the ground.


Why are your staff required to rotate the mash/completed juice box bins?

Safety is paramount. MJF staff are assigned to operate the fruit press; they do not know your equipment or your layout.

Why are your staff required to load your fruit into the hopper?

This is your fruit, your juice and your staff must be involved as a quality control measure. They will control the quality of the fruit being pressed and will ensure that the blend is what you desire. This isn’t hard, but very important. It’s about the credibility & integrity of the product you sell.