If you can drink it, you can dream it: Fruit, Roots, Berries and Vegetables

Though the process is a bit different for each type of juice- we can juice just about anything you can dream of drinking. No Joke!  Whether it’s pitted, soft fruit, berries or ground crops- the Mobile Juice Factory has the equipment and methods to make your produce into tasty all natural juice.

All Natural Juices

Of course, all of the juice produced with the factory has no additives, no preservatives or colourings. Simply put: what goes into the press comes out of the press.  The juices that we press is either single ingredient- one type of fruit, vegetable or berry or mixed ingredient- a combination of fruits, berries or vegetables. It is up to the farmer to decide what combination they would like to blend and it’s up to the MJF team to advise and make it happen.

Single source and delicious combinations

There is an abundance of apple orchards in the Okanagan so our most popular request is for Apple Juice. Apples also make up some portion of mixed juices: namely apple pear juice, apple cherry juice, apple beet juice, apple raspberry juice and apple ginger juice- yes Apple Ginger Juice Yum! Using apples in mixed juices is our natural way of keeping safe PH levels in check without having to add things like ascorbic acid.

Pitted Fruits

Increasingly our next most popular request is for Cherry Juice. Upon customer demand- cherry juice has been making a splash on the market the last couple of years. It is a sweet and tasty juice with amazing health benefits. Along with cherries and equally popular are pitted fruits such a peaches, apricots, and plums. Fruit must be clean and free of debris. However, the pitting machine does not discriminate against fruits that have been damaged by rain or hail. Tree ripened damaged crops still make beautifully crafted juice.