Customize Your Packaging

The Mobile Juice Factory offers a variety of customizable packaging. The bag-in-box solution is made of recyclable, eco-friendly materials. Personalized, convenient, user-friendly and green.

Mobile Juice Factory's Bag-In-Box

What is bag-in-box packaging?

Bag-in-box packaging offers affordability and convenience in storing and selling the year’s harvest.

The highly durable bags are equipped with a drip-free, one-way check valve. It pours juice evenly and does not let air into the bags. This unique feature helps to keep juice tasting fresh and shelf stable for longer.

Bag that goes inside a bag-in-box

The boxes are made of a high-quality cardboard that will not crumple or tear at the seems. We carry 3L, 5L and 10L boxes in a variety of prints, as well as craft options.


Choosing your box size

The 3L box is our most popular box for specialty juices such as Cherry, Prune, Grape, Peach, Apricot and a variety of berry juices. Also, an excellent option for small families who enjoy the occasional cup of Apple juice.

The 5L box is our most popular box. It is an excellent size for small and medium families. We find the 5L box is very popular for apple juice and blends, such as apple/pear, apple/ beet and apple/ beet/ carrot.

The 10L bag-in-box option is ideal for those long winters and large families, as well as restaurants and wholesale buyers.

Advertising your orchard

Our boxes have nice smooth surfaces on all sides. We encourage customers to use their professionally-printed stickers to advertise their orchard and the special blend of juice.

Optionally, our 5L boxes – are customizable. In March, before the juicing season begins, we will work with customers to design personalized graphics for their boxes. Farmers then have a completely unique blend of juice, as well as a beautiful box, advertising their orchard.

Bag-in-Box custom box

Please contact us as early as possible to work on custom box designs.

“How many boxes per 800lbs of apples?”

Of course, your order can be a mix of all the box sizes we offer, but to give a rough idea of how many boxes to expect of an 800lb bin of apples, I have broken it down:
•    800lbs equals 76- 84 (3L) boxes
•    800lbs equals 50-58 (5L) boxes
•    800lbs equals 17-25 (10L) boxes

NOTE: The box numbers range to account for crispness and variety of apple.

The Mobile Juice Factory thrives to accommodate our customers with several customizable packaging options. The bag-in-box system offers an affordable and reliable solution for preserving this year’s harvest. With your creative touch, your special blend will get the attention it deserves!

Please contact us for further information and pricing options.