Checklist for Hosting a Community Juicing Event

Are you a business or organization thinking of hosting and promoting a Community Juicing Event? Are you not sure where to start? The following checklist will give you a few tips to help with your planning.

Before event:

  • Book your juicing event well in advance with the Mobile Juice Factory.
  • Establish a contact person for the event. Provide a cell number to the MJF team.
  • Plan your event; make sure your logistics are in place.
    • where the Mobile Juice Factory will park
    • access to potable water with a hose long enough to reach the unit
    • determine how many extra bins are required and are on site (at least 2 for mash)
    • schedule and inform your staff (they should know the details about and promote the public juicing event to customers)
    • plan for complimentary activities in your business to drive sales
  • Promote your event to effectively stimulate attendance to grow sales!
  • Schedule the correct level of staff to support sales and the overall customer experience.
  • Make sure any equipment you need (extra bins, forklift, hose, signage) are available.


Set Up:

  • Have a knowledgeable person on hand to greet the MJF upon arrival and direct them as required
  • Show MJF staff where the potable water outlet is. Provide a hose long enough to reach the unit.
  • Put the empty residual mash bin in place.
  • Post any signage. Doing this before customers arrive to avoid confusion on their part and increases sales.
  • Be ready to go, up and running, at the promoted time.


During the event:

  • Offer juice/fruit related promotions in your store to attract people in and to stimulate sales
  • Your staff must remove the residual mash bin when full and replace with an empty bin.
  • It is highly recommended that all boxes be left open, at least overnight, to allow the heat to dissipate naturally.

Upon Completion of Juicing:

  • It takes approximately 2 hours for the machine to be cleaned by MJF staff.
  • Your staff must be available to remove the debris from cleanup (often put in residual mash bin).

*Water will be drained on to the ground.

*It takes approximately 2 hours for the machine to be thoroughly cleaned and packed up.